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10/9/23 quick status update from Dr. Finnerty

Thank you again to everyone for the well-wishes following my surgery.

I am running at around 3 to 4 weeks behind (a little closer to 3) on getting medical records review based nexus letters back to people. This is behind where I’d like to be and I am working on making this run more quickly. Part of this is delaying my return to doing most exams to later than I expected. I am not quite sure when I am going to start doing more telehealth exams (I don’t intend to return to in person exams for the time being so my other office is likely going to get a bit dusty). I will send a message out to my newsletter when things change in relation to scheduling exams; you can subscribe to that here: Free E-mail Newsletter- Subscribe! – Nexus Letters from a Psychologist

In terms of people having filled out referral forms, sending me email or leaving phone messages: I am very behind on responding to emails and phone calls and referral form submissions, sorry. I am trying to get back to inbox zero, but in the meantime if you think I missed something please let me know. A sure way to get me– especially for anything time sensitive– is to schedule a quick 15 minute phone appointment with me (most Tuesdays and Thursdays I have phone appointments that can be scheduled). You can schedule that here

Thank you,

Todd Finnerty, Psy.D.