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10/23/2023 status update from Dr. Finnerty

I’m a psychologist in Columbus, Ohio who offers nexus letters to Veterans located anywhere worldwide via a records review.

I can also write nexus opinions and DBQ’s based on telehealth exams to most of the states in the United States (the list of states keeps growing), however at the moment I am not scheduling exams.

If you need a nexus letter from a psychologist, you can fill out a form to get a free consultation (feel free to share it with others you think may need it):

Some of you may know that I had a surgery at the start of the Summer and my voice and typing were impacted. I am doing much better now, but I had taken the summer off from doing exams (but continued to do records review based nexus letters). I have been easing in to see how my voice would be impacted, but I have also gotten further behind on the records review based nexus letters than I would like.

I am running around a 3 week wait on medical records review based nexus letters right now, and while it was something I tolerated when the pandemic was bad, I don’t want people to have to wait that long. So I have been doing my best to get more caught up on those before opening up my online scheduler for more exams (exams take me a significant amount of time).

I am also trying to get better at keeping up with email. At this point my inbox has become a bit of a mess. If there are important deadlines or other things you think I should know or questions I haven’t gotten back to you on, you are guaranteed to get in touch with me if you schedule a quick, free phone call appointment with me here 

I know some people have potentially been watching for emails from me about more exam availability opening up, but at this point it looks like there may be limited availability for exams with me between now and the end of the year.   

I know a lot of other psychologists also have delays and waitlists, but you can also look to see where their waits are at as well and possibly consider an exam with another provider, remember. For example, there are some on this list on my website:

Thank you,

Todd Finnerty, Psy.D.