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Ways to get your medical records

You or your representative/attorney will need to get your records to Dr. Finnerty. There are multiple options to do that such as using the secure link Dr. Finnerty can provide you with to upload them to Dr. Finnerty, faxing them, mailing them to Dr. Finnerty’s office or even as an email attachment if you are not concerned about security vulnerabilities with email.

In terms of getting your records in the first place, you will need to request them. If it is a private health care practice, you can request them from whoever is responsible for their medical records.

Here is a link from the VA about requesting military and medical records:

To get your entire C-File related to your disability claim(s) (that would have things such as contract C&P exams), you may need to send in a Freedom of Information act request. You can speak with an accredited representative to learn more about this. You can also get some background here:

What records does Dr. Finnerty need?

The more the merrier, the VA likes to see that I’ve reviewed as much as possible. If you have any past rating decisions those can be helpful if they are relevant to what you are filing for now. Anything that has your diagnosis and any relevant treatment or diagnostic studies (ex: a sleep study if relevant) can be helpful. If weight gain may be an issue in your case (ex: on a sleep apnea case) having something with your height and weight on it would be helpful. 

Of course, if you have access to the entire C-File Dr. Finnerty would be happy to review the entire claims file.