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The Value of Working with Dr. Finnerty

  • No one can guarantee the outcome of your claim. However, if Dr. Finnerty writes a nexus letter opinion or DBQ for your claim and your claim is denied, Dr. Finnerty will still stand with you. Dr. Finnerty stands by his opinions. If you get denied Dr. Finnerty wants you to send him the rating decision (and any other relevant evidence you can get such as the C&P exam the denial was likely based on) so that he can review it and write a response to the decision for free (Dr. Finnerty will add you back on to the list he works down in date order and write you a response to the decision for free, though this may take a few weeks from when you contact him based on how busy Dr. Finnerty is). Dr. Finnerty also wants to review denial decisions so that he can keep track of any arguments that C&P examiners/raters are using so that he can address those arguments in future nexus letters. Dr. Finnerty’s nexus letters evolve and develop over time and address many of the common denial-related arguments and mistakes that C&P examiners make.
  • If you’ve obtained a service from Dr. Finnerty before such as a nexus letter for a different issue or a DBQ, Dr. Finnerty will happily give you a discount on future services– just remind him you’ve used him before when reaching out again. Dr. Finnerty appreciates your loyalty to his services. The reminder of asking for the discount is especially important now that Dr. Finnerty is using an assistant.
  • Dr. Finnerty has been a licensed psychologist since 2003 and has years of experience on multiple different types of disability claims. He also was once a contract examiner with VES and QTC doing C&P’s (DBQ’s) for the VA , however, now he does DBQ’s working directly with Veterans and/or their representatives. Dr. Finnerty will address what your burden of proof actually is on a VA disability case (i.e. whether something is “at least as likely as not”). While some websites suggest using alternative phrases like “more likely than not,” this isn’t your burden of proof on a VA claim. Dr. Finnerty will answer the question the rater needs the answer to– the same question that they ask C&P examiners to answer– “is it at least as likely as not?”
  • Dr. Finnerty offers reasonable prices. Working with a specialized psychologist isn’t cheap, but if you shop around you’ll find that Dr. Finnerty’s prices are competitive. The cost of working with Dr. Finnerty is also much less than the true lifetime value of the monthly cashflow from your claim if it is successful.
  • You get to work directly with Dr. Finnerty and not a non-doctor third party middleman company who will mark up the price in order to pay profit to themselves, pay their employees and pay other expenses like advertising before they then also have to pay the doctor with whatever is left. You get to just pay the doctor and save by not paying the markup price.
  • There are no hidden or surprise fees, and you know exactly who the specific professional is you’ll be working with and what their qualifications are in advance (because you’ll be working directly with Dr. Finnerty and not an unknown surprise Dr./ nurse/ physician assistant).

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