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Get a Sleep Study/ Home Sleep Apnea TEST (HSAT)

Dr. Finnerty is a psychologist and does not diagnose sleep apnea himself or order sleep studies/home sleep apnea tests. In order to work with Dr. Finnerty on a sleep apnea claim you’ll need to have already had a sleep study/ sleep apnea diagnosis.

Dr. Finnerty has no relationship with and does not endorse any of the sleep medicine specialists or other providers at any of the websites below. The exception to this to be aware of is some of the links may be affiliate advertisements where Todd Finnerty LLC may earn advertising revenue if you purchase something after clicking on a link below.

You can Get a Home Sleep Apnea Test (HSAT) sleep study for a sleep apnea diagnosis at one of the locations below

You may be able to get a home sleep study and telehealth visit with a doctor at the sites below, and then assuming you get a sleep apnea diagnosis be prescribed a CPAP or similar device.

Sleep Doctor

Get an At-Home Sleep Test from Sleep Doctor

With Sleep Doctor you can get an affordable At-Home Sleep Apnea Test to detect (and diagnose if present) both obstructive and central sleep apnea (order online). There is no referral or lab visit required. The current price for a home sleep apnea test is listed on their website. An additional provider to consider if Lofta (below).


Get an At Home Sleep Test from Lofta

You can also get a home sleep apnea study online through Lofta; both Lofta and Sleep Doctor are large telehealth / online providers and I have seen many Veterans with sleep studies from Sleep Doctor (the entry above) or Lofta.

List of online Home Sleep Apnea Test providers you can get a sleep study from

You can ask your primary care provider for a referral to a sleep specialist. You can also find sleep medicine specialists online who are willing to ship you a home sleep apnea test/ sleep study and then interpret the results for you and provide a diagnosis when appropriate.

If you know other companies that provide telehealth services to order a HSAT and make a sleep apnea diagnosis you can let [email protected] know (some links may be affiliate links but there is no fee to advertise here). Dr. Finnerty does not endorse any of these companies. He would be happy to promote discounts or anything of that nature if your company wants to provide discount codes to Veterans who come to this site, just let Dr. Finnerty know.

Learn about sleep apnea secondary to PTSD and other psychological conditions here: