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DBQ’s: in-person and telehealth exams

Which states can Dr. Finnerty provide telehealth visits to?

Dr. Finnerty can write opinions based on a records review for individuals located anywhere. He can also perform examinations for individuals located in around half the states in the country. Dr. Finnerty resides in Ohio where Dr. Finnerty is licensed as a psychologist (#5979) and can see anyone located in Ohio with this license. Dr. Finnerty offers a telehealth option to Ohio and a large number of other states where Dr. Finnerty can legally examine someone via telehealth. He can do this as he is a PSYPACT provider. In some states he can also apply for temporary permission to practice with the psychology board in that state. Dr. Finnerty also is a registered telehealth provider in Florida and can provide psychological services to individuals in Florida via telehealth. Dr. Finnerty’s Florida telehealth provider registration number is #752. Learn more here:

Dr. Finnerty offers both in-person and telehealth examinations, however he does not always offer them throughout the year depending on how busy he is.