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How it works

Dr. Finnerty is a psychologist and is the only professional writing letters and performing examinations at He can help you with issues that a psychologist can help with; if you need a physician you can find one on the List of Doctors Who Write Nexus Letters here:

Step 1: If you need a psychologist for a nexus letter Dr. Finnerty recommends that you fill out this form to Get a Free Consultation


If the information you provide on the form is enough for Dr. Finnerty to accept your case outright, he will send you more information related to the next step. If not, or if you’d like to ask questions of Dr. Finnerty over the phone, you and Dr. Finnerty will discuss your needs, free of charge, and determine if it makes sense to get a records review (or exam) from him.

Step 2: Dr. Finnerty will email you a link you can use to upload digital copies of your records to him securely (or you can mail paper copies, CD’s, flash drives, etc. to him which will not be returned and will be shredded/ securely destroyed unless you request that they be returned). You will upload or mail your records to Dr. Finnerty. If you prefer to send your records as email attachments and understand that that could pose a privacy risk you can also send them that way. Dr. Finnerty does have a fax number but prefers not to use it for records if it all possible due to occasional quality issues with faxing, however his fax number is available upon request.

Dr. Finnerty website offers a number of potential payment options. Payment is due in advance before Dr. Finnerty starts working on your claim. Dr. Finnerty does not offer an installment payment plan. Dr. Finnerty doesn’t review your records or release a report to you until the payment is made. There are interest free installment plans available to apply for through both the PayPal and Square checkouts on Dr. Finnerty’s website here:

This is the only fee you will owe for a records review based nexus letter. It is a flat rate that is all-inclusive.

Step 3: After Dr. Finnerty has both your records and the payment he will review your records and have a report back to you. The time it takes depends on how busy Dr. Finnerty is- during busy times it may take a month. If you desire an in-person examination we will schedule that examination and a report will be available within approximately one to two weeks after the exam depending on how busy Dr. Finnerty is.

Dr. Finnerty does nexus letters based on records reviews on a first come first served basis. When you make the payment Dr. Finnerty adds your name to the list he works down for the reviews. However, if you have a VA deadline coming up or another unusual circumstance please let Dr. Finnerty know so he can see what he can do to try to meet the VA deadline.

You can learn more about Dr. Finnerty here: