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I am getting closer to caught up (5/10/2023 update)

As you may know I have a surgery for a pinched nerve scheduled soon and will have a hopefully only brief period of time where things will take longer. It mostly has just been impacting my typing right now- nothing to be too concerned about.

In the meantime I stopped scheduling telephone call appointments with me temporarily. I also haven’t been scheduling exams (which take a considerable amount of time) and likely won’t start scheduling more again until later in the Summer or in the Fall. I am also still very behind in responding to phone call messages/website referral forms that people have been submitting. While I have accepted some cases related to sleep apnea secondary to psych conditions and a few others, I haven’t been taking on as many cases temporarily. After I bounce back from my surgery (which I am hoping won’t be long at all) I will start addressing those referrals to see if people are still in need of help on them. I imagine any emails, phone calls and referral forms submitted next week will likely take longer for me to get to as well.

With that being said, while I have often been close to a month or so behind for a good portion of the pandemic (need/demand seemed to spike during the pandemic) for the first time in a while I am back to something closer to what I consider normal for me. The records review based nexus letters I am working on now were paid for just a week or two ago. I anticipate that when I go into my surgery the only records reviews I have left on the list will be ones where I am waiting for medical records or that were just recently paid for. I am hopeful that (assuming that all goes as planned with my surgery) I will be able to hit the ground running and not have much of a backlog of nexus letters to write, truthfully.

I mention this mostly to note that if you recently paid for a nexus letter or are paying for one in the next few days it makes sense to get your records to me as quickly as possible as there is a chance I may get to them quickly, alternatively there is also a chance that they will be among the first I look at when I am back to work after my surgery. Yes, admittedly, I accomplished getting caught up by temporarily reducing my availability for phone calls, response times on email and not yet responding to a number of referrals. If you are someone still waiting on that I apologize for the delay.

Thank you,

Todd Finnerty, Psy.D.