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I am running behind

Sorry, I am running behind on responding to emails and phone calls. However, I do intend to put something in place to try to improve my email and phone response times. Right now I don’t have an assistant working with me, just Ruby Receptionist answering the phones, but do hope to get some more help. Instead of spending time evaluating potential new cases and agreeing to accept or decline them, I have been trying to get caught up on the cases I have already accepted.

I am running behind on getting file review based nexus letters back to people (something like 5 weeks or so) but hope to improve on this before my upcoming surgery. I’m also behind on getting exam reports back to people. I apologize. However, the delay may continue and could potentially get slightly worse for a brief amount of time after my surgery (if you missed that update you can learn about it here: Letter & Exam LIMITED AVAILABILITY important update 4/3/2023 – Nexus Letters from a Psychologist). Hopefully by mid Summer I will have things back to running a little more normal- though normally there is still a wait for cases at this point.

Thank you and sorry for any delay in responding to you.