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5/14/2023 update: Please expect delays

I am having surgery this week for a pinched nerve. Please expect delays in me getting back to you. I also currently don’t have a new assistant yet, so at the moment if you call you’ll just get someone from Ruby Receptionists. Admittedly, they don’t know anything more than the updates that are on my website but can take a message. I am more likely to see an email sooner though. I am not currently scheduling any appointments including not scheduling phone call appointments, but I will resume this as soon as I can.

Given that I don’t know what my recovery will be like, there will be longer than usual delays in responding to emails, phone calls and form submissions from the website. There are a number of these that I still haven’t responded to, but I plan to focus on that when I resume working.

At the moment the next people on the list for records review based nexus letters only paid around one to two weeks ago (with the exception of a handful of people who I am still waiting on medical evidence/a diagnosis/etc.). So I don’t expect to be too far behind when I resume completing medical records reviews, which I hope to do ASAP after my surgery.

Thank you for your understanding,

Todd Finnerty, Psy.D.