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Nexus letters wait time status

New update as of 7/28/21; while I still generally quote 3 to 4 weeks until I get a nexus letter based on a records review back to you, in reality it has been taking closer to around 2 weeks or less. If you have a deadline let me know it and I can likely meet it.

Here is a recent message I’d previously written about wait times:

It is July 4th 2021 as I write this. I will be taking some time off in July so I likely won’t be completing many more nexus letters until the second half of July. I wanted to give you a status update though. I’ve been quoting around 3 to 4 weeks for nexus letters based on records reviews. I scheduled myself some time to get caught up with a paperwork backlog before I went on vacation, and as luck would have it I have been more productive than expected. I’ve cleared out almost all the backlog with the exception of a few nexus letter opinions that were purchased relatively recently. Truthfully, at this point based on what I have scheduled now– when I return from vacation I’ll only have a few nexus letters based on records reviews scheduled to do (in addition to having quite a few exams scheduled to do though which will take up a lot of my time of course). If you still have a nexus letter outstanding with me where you’ve made the payment and sent the records you can likely expect it in the second half of July as it is at or near the top of the list (in fact the only few left on the list of opinions to do). For new nexus letters: While I’ll likely be quoting a few weeks to have them done since there is no guarantee I won’t get backed up with other obligations, any new nexus letters purchased right now will be near the top of the list when I start completing them again during the second half of July 2021. While I may continue to estimate 3 to 4 weeks since I can get busy fast sometimes, it likely wouldn’t take anywhere near that long. Thanks for your understanding.