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New Fee Structure for Nexus Letters

When the pandemic started I reduced my fee for nexus letters based on records reviews from a range of $600 to $1,500 (based on the number of pages of records) to just a flat fee of $600. Now that the pandemic is subsiding, and to better account for the time I spend on the nexus letters, I am making a relatively minor adjustment to the pricing based on records reviews (which is still a discount from my prior pricing). I will continue to write nexus letters based on secondary conditions for just $600 (ex: sleep apnea or other conditions secondary to an already service connected PTSD; depression and/or anxiety due to service connected chronic pain, tinnitus, etc.). However, I am increasing the price of connecting primary psychological conditions based on a records review to better account for the amount of time it tends to take me for these cases. These will now cost a total of $740 and will include a non-refundable fee of $140 (I will refund $600 if it turns out I am not able to write the nexus letter). The cost for a DBQ (including an in-person exam or an exam via Zoom, a records review and a nexus opinion if applicable) will remain at $900; this is only $160 more than the $740 fee and may be a better deal when it comes to establishing a primary psychological condition. While Dr. Finnerty is able to do telehealth exams to a double-digit number of states, he is not able to do them to all states. You can see the fees and pay for a service here: