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Wait times for reports

I try to have a quick turnaround time for my reports; it is a source of pride for me. Unfortunately, it has been a busy time lately and people are having to wait a bit longer than I’d like to get their reports back. I wanted to let you know that it could take around two weeks or more for me to get a report/ nexus letter back to you at times lately. Normally I like to have them back to you much sooner than that, so please let me apologize in advance here. It has been a busy time with people experiencing difficulties associated with the pandemic but also perhaps having the ability to now schedule the services they have needed with funds like stimulus check money coming in, etcetera. If you do have a deadline coming up please let me know so we can plan to meet that deadline, thanks. When your records and payment come in for a records review I add you to the list and do them in first-come first-served order, so the length of time depends in part on how long it takes me to do the cases before you (along with working around the other responsibilities I have during the week). In terms of writing up reports and DBQ’s from the in-person or telehealth examinations I do, they are very time-intensive reports but I try do do them as quickly as possible and try to have them back within ten days to two weeks from the appointment date (but do my best to have them back sooner than that). Thanks for understanding.

Update 3/5/2021: Right now a better estimate might be two to three weeks, but I’m doing my best to get to them as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. Thanks for understanding.

Update 4/07/2021: Except in very rare instances where someone has an imminent deadline (I can’t always accept these cases), I work down the medical records review requests I receive in the date order in which someone made a payment (when the records get to me doesn’t really factor in to the order of review except that if I don’t have the records yet when it is your turn your name will just stay on top of the list and I will do it next when you do send the records). Right now a good estimate for how long it will take me to get to your records review is about three weeks (plus or minus a day or two). It can be hard to estimate the exact amount of time because the records reviews scheduled before yours may have lots of records to review or not as many, so the times will vary.

Todd Finnerty, Psy.D.