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Can you travel to an in-person exam in Columbus, OH?

Dr. Finnerty is a psychologist performing independent disability examinations and he is open for in-person examinations despite the pandemic. His office is located in Columbus, Ohio which is within a 10-hour drive of half the U.S. population. There are multiple nice hotels in the immediate vicinity of Dr. Finnerty’s office. Dr. Finnerty’s office is also close to major interstates. The office is on the northern outskirts of the city and not near the downtown area.

Dr. Finnerty’s online appointment scheduler tends to offer 1:00pm appointments. However, if you’re coming in the night before the appointment and staying at a hotel Dr. Finnerty would be happy to arrange a different time for you which is convenient to your travel schedule. For example, Dr. Finnerty can offer morning appointments as early as 8:30am if you wish to turn around and get back on the road the same day as your appointment. Feel free to discuss your needs with Dr. Finnerty personally by emailing [email protected] or calling him on his cell phone at (330)495-8809.

Dr. Finnerty’s exam fee is $900 and this also includes a medical records review. If you’re not able to make it to Columbus for an in-person examination Dr. Finnerty might be able to write a nexus letter for you based on a medical records review alone for $600 (you can be located anywhere for this- not just Ohio).

If you’re physically located somewhere in Ohio we could potentially arrange a video telehealth appointment under certain circumstances.