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$600 (total) psychologist nexus letters

In the early Spring I started a discount where I was offering a flat fee for medical records reviews for nexus letters for just $600. For large files with a lot of pages I had been charging $1,500. I had time on my hands as many of the exams that took up a lot of my time were on hold. Now they’ve come back with a vengeance and I’m really busy both with nexus letters and all the other things that had been put on hold trying to catch up. I was planning to just return my fee to normal, but I don’t think I will (at least not yet). However, I do need to institute some new policies.

The biggest change is that in the past if I accepted your case but then discovered after reviewing your records that I wasn’t able to write a letter, I would just refund your entire $600. Unfortunately, that meant I wasn’t compensated for the time I spent reviewing your records and giving you feedback on your case. For anyone who first contacts Dr. Finnerty on 7/22/2020 or later there will be an hourly fee assessed if Dr. Finnerty is not able to write your nexus letter. Your $600 will be refunded minus the time Dr. Finnerty spent on your case at an hourly rate of $160 per hour. You can learn more about this and other policies on this PDF file here:

I am excited to not be returning my rates to the previous level at this time and hope to help many more Veterans, however I do need to be able to manage my time as I have grown busy again. Thank you for understanding.

Todd Finnerty, Psy.D.