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Exam availability update 2/14/2023

As of 2/14/2023 most of the exam appointments with me between now and early May have been scheduled already. There may be some limited availability if someone cancels their appointment or if something else gets moved around in my schedule, but this is just a notice that I have limited availability for exams between now and May 2023. I also likely won’t start scheduling exams for the summer and Fall until sometime in May 2023. I am trying to go back to not scheduling exams quite as far out in advance (in part because it seems to lead to more last minute cancellations).

If you would like to be added to the list of people I contact if I have a cancellation please feel free to email me and include your phone # as well as any dates you might need to have the exam by (also be sure to have filled out the referral form here as well Free Consultation – Nexus Letters from a Psychologist).

There is no guarantee you’d get an exam with Dr. Finnerty before the Summer by being on the waitlist, but I will also email everyone left on the waitlist when new appointments for the Summer go up. I will also send an email to people subscribed to my newsletter about that as well: Free E-mail Newsletter- Subscribe! – Nexus Letters from a Psychologist

If you need an exam before the Summer of 2023 it would make sense to consider other options as well such as a psychologist from this list List of Doctors Who Write Nexus Letters – Nexus Letters from a Psychologist


Todd Finnerty, Psy.D.