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New Book (read for free): Sleep apnea secondary to PTSD

I collected many of my writings related to sleep apnea secondary to PTSD from various locations including this blog as well as some original content and put them all in one easily accessible place- a book that you can read for free with Kindle Unlimited. Yes, Kindle Unlimited technically has a monthly fee but you can typically get a free trial with plenty of time to read the book and then cancel if you don’t want to stay subscribed.

The book also contains the data for my research related to your chances for success with an appeal for sleep apnea secondary to PTSD with BVA. Even if you’d been denied previously, if the BVA makes an approval or denial decision, it is at least as likely as not that it will be approved.

The book includes an addendum with excerpts from the narratives of 51 actual BVA approval decisions relevant to sleep apnea secondary to PTSD.

Are you interested in learning more? You can find more information here– Sleep apnea secondary to PTSD: Nexus letters for Veterans’ VA disability claims.

book cover