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Recent Updates

11/23/2021 update:

I am currently not scheduling exams at the moment but likely will schedule some starting sometime in 2022. I am not sure exactly when I will resume scheduling exams or how many per week I will schedule, but you can check this website for more information or subscribe to the email newsletter for updates about that. I am still taking referrals for medical records reviews (particularly for secondary conditions such as sleep apnea secondary to PTSD). I am making progress in getting more caught up on these and I will hopefully soon have a much faster turnaround time than the 3 to 4 weeks it was taking me.

9/2/2021 update:

First, I have to apologize if I have been playing phone tag with you or haven’t had a chance to return your call or email yet. I am essentially a one person operation (though I do have assistants for some routine tasks). However, it has gotten busy enough to where even I have to admit something has to give/ change. It has gotten to the point this week where I haven’t even been able to return all the calls and emails I received in a timely manner, which is very unlike me. It also makes it so it takes longer for me to get a nexus letter back to people.

So, I will be making some changes over the next few months. I haven’t decided for sure yet what all of those changes will be. However, I have decided that beginning in November and until at least February I will be temporarily not scheduling new exams for DBQs. If I do decide to resume exams for DBQ’s, the price will increase to $1,500. However, I may not resume exams for DBQ’s.

My fee for secondary nexus letters (ex: sleep apnea secondary to PTSD) will remain at $600 and I have no intention of raising this $600 fee. During the months of November to February I will be working to ensure that I can get these nexus letters back to you much more quickly than the around 4 weeks or so that it is taking now. I am also going to dedicate time each week to staying up to date with the latest research and BVA decisions relevant to secondary cases (ex: sleep apnea secondary to PTSD as well as the other conditions frequently seen as secondary to PTSD and other cases, and cases where service connected physical issues/ pain lead to psych issues like depression and anxiety). I also will schedule a little time to share what I learn with you from time to time either on this blog, in my email mailing list and/or maybe even YouTube once-in-a-while. I want to continue to have the best, most-researched and evidence based nexus letters for secondary conditions possible and I want to get them back to you quickly and at a price that is an incredible value compared to others on the market.

However, in order to continue to do this I have to “specialize.” Which means some things I might have done before like exams for writing DBQ’s I’ll need to refer to others (I will try to grow the list of doctors who do this on my website to make it easier for you to find someone near you or who can see you via telehealth). I think by focusing I’ll be able to continue to make my nexus letters for secondary conditions the most evidence-based around while being able to get them back to you sooner.

So, I’m not 100% sure what the changes will ultimately look like, but I do know that I will be focusing more on nexus letters for secondary conditions– both writing them for people and researching more and more about them. If you’d like to keep up to date with what is going on with that in more detail, or hear about things I learned during the dedicated research time I will soon be scheduling for myself, I will likely share an email about that from time to time on my email mailing list. You can subscribe to that here:

Thanks again