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Don’t Pay for DBQ’s where the Doctor Doesn’t Examine You In Person.

UPDATE: This opinion was my opinion and I feel a good opinion when I posted it, but the VA’s policies have since changed (I no longer suggest never using telehealth). Here is the old blog post:

This is just my opinion and I’m a psychologist, not an attorney or VA/ VBA policy expert. However, at this point I think it is a good idea not to pay for any telehealth examinations or situations where a doctor completes a DBQ for you but never examines you in person. It seems like this is a violation of VBA policy and could potentially get your claim triggered for fraud. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t pay for someone to do a records review remotely (ex: for a nexus letter). It also doesn’t mean you couldn’t pay to attend an in-person examination. For further reading see this VA OIG Report Telehealth Public-Use Questionnaires Were Used Improperly to Determine Disability Benefits as well as this related article summarizing it Granting VA Disability Claims by Remote Questionnaire Led to Fraud, Report Shows

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