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Fees for a VA Disability Nexus Letter/ Independent Medical Opinion

I am a licensed psychologist based in Columbus, Ohio. I perform independent examinations and records reviews for independent medical opinions on Veterans’disability cases. I offer:

  • Predictable flat rate pricing
  • Detailed reports that address all the evidence
  • The benefit of my experience (I have performed many file reviews on disability cases as well as compensation and pension examinations).

In addition, you won’t have to send paper records to me or mail a CD or flash drive if you don’t want to. I offer HIPAA-compliant online file-sharing solutions. You can also exchange encrypted emails with me without needing to set up encrypted email yourself.  The following fee schedule for records reviews includes answers to whatever referral questions are necessary (ex: a nexus letter opinion). This is my case rate pricing (meaning there are no additional fees beyond this):

  • $600 per case

My exam fee (includes a records review) is:

  • $900

While many professionals appear to be charging $1,500 (or more) for a nexus letter/ IMO, I’m currently offering a discount on this rate to try and acquire new business and build relationships with the community. I’ve set the price at $600, which I understand is still not an easy amount to pay. If you have thoughts or questions let me know.

Thank you,

Todd Finnerty, Psy.D.

Incidentally, I’ve started this new blog to write about news and relevant information that people involved in VA disability claims may be interested in. I’m adding a mailing list you can subscribe to in order to get new resources and news sent right to your email- you can subscribe to that here:

7/22/2020: I updated this post to reflect my current pandemic pricing discount.