Not everyone has a treating doctor that can write a nexus letter; if you need to pay for a forensic specialist you have options.

Paying a Bill with Dr. Finnerty:

All medical records reviews and examinations must be paid for in advance. Dr. Finnerty would be happy to email you an invoice via Square or PayPal if desired. When you pay a bill with Dr. Finnerty you are agreeing to his policies including those noted on this PDF. Paying a bill from Dr. Finnerty means that you agree to his policies related to the records review or examination. You can learn more about paying a bill from Dr. Finnerty by going to

To make a credit card payment you can also use the “Pay Now” checkout link below:
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Medical Records Review
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Installment plans:

Dr. Finnerty does not currently offer an installment plan himself, but you can potentially pay in installments using PayPal interest free. If you do not have access to a credit card or other financing options that you wish to use or if you want to apply for credit through PayPal which may be interest free, you can instantly apply for PayPal credit (was BillMeLater) by clicking on the Pay with PayPal Credit to potentially pay in installments (or to pay in full using PayPal) :

Other Options for Payment Plans/ Loans for Funding Nexus Letters

You can use credit cards if that is available to you to pay for a nexus letter and you don’t have other options for paying for it. The interest rates will vary but there are also peer-to-peer lending sites online that you could apply for a personal loan from if necessary, especially if you need to pay for multiple letters such as from both a psychologist and a physician and the price will therefore exceed $1,000+. Dr. Finnerty does not recommend any particular lender. In addition to your bank/ credit union, here are some examples of companies for you to review and do your own due diligence on; Dr. Finnerty may earn advertising fees if you use some of the links on this page:

Dr. Finnerty will accept common cryptocurrencies

Dr. Finnerty will accept payment in common cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Etherium and Monero. Dr. Finnerty will accept the equivalent of $600 USD as payment.

You can make the payment via or discuss a direct payment with Dr. Finnerty related to your currency of choice.

You can learn more about one place to buy and sell cryptocurrencies here:

Other options are available for sending crypto if you prefer, but you can easily pay Dr. Finnerty $600 worth of your popular cryptocurrency of choice via Coinbase with this link