Doctors who write nexus letters and other medical opinions for Veterans’ VA disability claims can list their name here on this site for free. The site is maintained by psychologist Todd Finnerty, Psy.D., but Dr. Finnerty does not necessarily endorse any doctor who is listed here and he has not evaluated their services or credentials.

The doctors on the list below (other than Dr. Finnerty), have no relationship to Their fees will be different than the fees that I have listed on this website for me. Any opinions expressed on the website are the sole fault of Todd Finnerty, Psy.D.; the other professionals below are listed here as a service to you.

Sometimes your treatment provider won’t write a nexus letter and you need to find a forensic specialist with expertise in VA disability claims. If you’re searching for a specialized doctor who will write you a nexus letter you’ve now found the right place. You can work directly with the doctor (and not a middleman).

Please note: I’ve only added websites to the list below where I could see who the actual professionals are who are performing the services.

The professionals listed below are likely to write nexus letters and or perform disability examinations for Veterans. They are not in any particular order except that since I made this website I get to put my name first. If you have any suggested updates to the list below please contact me. REMEMBER– Dr. Finnerty does not endorse any of the people on this list and they are not associated with Dr. Finnerty in any way; it is included here just for your convenience.

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