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Contacting Dr. Finnerty

The BEST and preferred way to contact Dr. Finnerty for the first time about getting a nexus letter or exam is to fill out the referral form here:

The usual apologies: Dr. Finnerty is very busy and may sometimes miss an email from you, a form you completed or a voicemail you left- if Dr. Finnerty didn’t get back to you, sorry for this, and please do follow up with him.

Contacting Dr. Finnerty for the first time: The best way to contact Dr. Finnerty the first time in relation to a potential nexus letter is by completing the referral form.

Phone calls: Dr. Finnerty’s time for making and returning phone calls is very limited, so contact form submissions (for the first contact) and emails for subsequent contacts are preferred if you are okay with them, and you’ll likely get a much faster response via email than if you call. Dr. Finnerty has very limited time for returning phone calls. If you need to speak with Dr. Finnerty directly it is best to schedule a free 15 minute or less phone call with him. You can do that here:

Dr. Finnerty’s former assistant John is not currently working with him. However, you can now call the office phone number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and speak to someone who can take a message for Dr. Finnerty (you can also simply e-mail if you prefer).

The helpful staff people from Ruby Receptionist will be able to take your information and Dr. Finnerty will get back to you. Please be patient with them as they may not be as familiar with VA disability claims as we are.

Office phone: (614)696-6706

Fax #: (614)573-0505

Texting: Please don’t text Dr. Finnerty. Texting isn’t an ideal or reliable way to contact Dr. Finnerty and there is a good chance he will miss your text. If you text Dr. Finnerty he does not guarantee he will respond to that text.

E-mail: The best way to reach out to Dr. Finnerty for the first time is by completing the free consultation/ contact form on the website (if you call the office phone line the helpful staff person from Ruby Receptionist you’ll speak to will walk you through the form if you prefer). That way Dr. Finnerty can go through the contacts in the order in which they are submitted, and with the information he will likely need to see if he can help.

It takes time for Dr. Finnerty to read and answer complex questions over e-mail, so you may not always get a fast response.

Dr. Finnerty has options for sending and receiving encrypted email if you are interested, please just let him know and he will provide you with details.


Advisory: Sometimes Dr. Finnerty’s emails have been ending up in the spam folder so if you’re expecting an email from him you might want to check the spam folder now and then; thanks.