At Veterans can get a nexus letter from a psychologist for $600.

Dr. Todd Finnerty is a psychologist and he provides file reviews for Veterans on their VA disability claims (you can learn more about Dr. Finnerty at Dr. Finnerty is available to write Nexus Letters and/or Independent Medical Opinions for Veterans. He is also able to perform examinations in Columbus, Ohio (including completing a DBQ). is a website operated exclusively by psychologist Todd Finnerty, Psy.D.; the only person who writes nexus letters at is Dr. Finnerty. As a service to help you find a nexus letter there are also links to other professionals on this website (including to physicians). At times there may also be advertisements for doctors who write nexus letters; these are to assist you in case you need to find someone other than Dr. Finnerty (ex: for an issue that Dr. Finnerty doesn’t specialize in). does not contract to have outside professionals do any of the work; the only person writing nexus letters at is Dr. Finnerty. If you are looking for a nexus letter for a medical condition that you need a physician for you should click on the provided links on this site for a nexus letter from a physician.

Sometimes Dr. Finnerty also provides nexus letters through other unrelated third party companies- however he charges those companies the same amount as he does through this website ($600). At you get to work with Dr. Finnerty directly. Dr. Finnerty does not offer discounted rates elsewhere or charge different fees depending on who the referral source is.

Typical reasons you might want a nexus opinion from a psychologist include service connections for PTSD, TBI, depression, anxiety and other psychological problems. Another common request is service connection for secondary conditions such as sleep apnea secondary to PTSD. You can find more examples of things Dr. Finnerty can help with here:

How much is a Nexus Letter or Exam with DBQ from Dr. Finnerty? Dr. Finnerty’s prices are very competitive. The price is a one-time, flat rate fee. Dr. Finnerty generally requires payment in advance, however there may be different options for a payment plan for you which you can discuss with Dr. Finnerty. This includes services such as “pay later” from PayPal that may let you make installment plan payments.

Nexus Letter Based on a Records Review ($600)

Many times a review of your medical records is enough to write a nexus letter. For a nexus letter based on a review of your records only the cost is $600 (you can be located anywhere in the world to have a records review performed).

Nexus Letter/DBQ Based on an In-person Examination in Columbus, Ohio ($900)

Dr. Finnerty offers in-person exams in Columbus, Ohio. He does offer telehealth exams via Zoom for VA disability claims in Ohio and to some other states depending on their state psychology board’s rules. An in-person exam is recommended if that is possible for you, but due to COVID-19 this is not always feasible. Dr. Finnerty’s in-person exam fee and telehealth exam fee (includes a records review, a detailed report and a DBQ form) is: $900

Dr. Finnerty does NOT sign pre-filled out DBQ’s and typically doesn’t fill out a DBQ based only on a records review (though it is possible that sometimes he may be able to complete a DBQ based on a records review). Typically in order to complete a DBQ Dr. Finnerty will need to have performed an examination.

*COVID-19 UPDATE/ Pandemic Pricing–> Dr. Finnerty significantly reduced his fee for records reviews at the start of the pandemic. Dr. Finnerty planned to return his fee to normal, however, upon reflection Dr. Finnerty plans to keep his fee set at a flat fee of $600 for the foreseeable future. This is a good value. However, Dr. Finnerty has introduced some new policies effective 7/22/2020. In the past Dr. Finnerty would simply refund your entire $600 if he accepted your case and then realized after reviewing your records that he was unable to write a nexus letter. Unfortunately, this meant that Dr. Finnerty’s time reviewing your records and providing you with feedback about your claim went uncompensated. For anyone first contacting Dr. Finnerty after 7/22/2020 Dr. Finnerty will refund a portion of the $600 fee minus Dr. Finnerty’s hourly fee of $160 to cover the time he spends reviewing your records and giving you feedback on your case. You can learn more about these policies on this PDF. If Dr. Finnerty sees your records and does not spend much time on them before he realizes he won’t be able to write a letter he still will refund the entire amount, however, as he will not charge you unless he’s spent a considerable time on the review already.

Thank you for your service.

About Todd Finnerty, Psy.D.

Dr. Todd Finnerty is a psychologist in private practice in Columbus, Ohio. He has significant training related to PTSD, including VA-specific training through the contractors VES and QTC. In the past Dr. Finnerty has performed hundreds of examinations on veterans for VA third-party contractors (but no longer does so). Dr. Finnerty also helps make decisions on Social Security disability claims for the state of Ohio and has substantial experience in evaluating impairment. In this role Dr. Finnerty was named the 2012 “Disability Review Physician of the Year” by the National Association of Disability Examiners, Great Lakes Region and the 2010 “Consultant of the Year” by the Ohio Association of Disability Examiners. Dr. Finnerty has also reviewed hundreds of short-term and long-term disability cases related to disability insurance benefits. He has training in behavioral sleep medicine and is a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine. Dr. Finnerty is a forensic specialist and adheres to the American Psychological Association’s Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct as well as the APA’s Specialty Guidelines for Forensic Psychology ( These guidelines include the responsibilities of integrity, impartiality and fairness and note: “When offering expert opinions to be relied upon by a decision maker, providing forensic therapeutic services, or teaching or conducting research, forensic practitioners strive for accuracy, impartiality, fairness, and independence. Forensic practitioners recognize the adversarial nature of the legal system and strive to treat all participants and weigh all data, opinions, and rival hypotheses impartially. When conducting forensic examinations, forensic practitioners strive to be unbiased and impartial, and avoid partisan presentation of unrepresentative, incomplete, or inaccurate evidence that might mislead finders of fact.  This guideline does not preclude forceful presentation of the data and reasoning upon which a conclusion or professional product is based.”

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