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Nexus Letters and/or DBQ’s for VA Disability Claims

You’ve come here because you want to win your VA claim. When it comes to winning your VA claim, you want every advantage. Read more below to find out if working with (Dr. Finnnerty) is right for you.

At Veterans can get a nexus letter from a psychologist for $600 to $740. Dr. Finnerty specializes in letters for secondary conditions that involve psychological concerns (ex: sleep apnea secondary to PTSD).

Dr. Todd Finnerty is a psychologist and disability claim expert motivated to ensure that people get the help they qualify for and don’t fall through the cracks in the system. Dr. Finnerty provides file reviews for Veterans on their VA disability claims (you can learn more about Dr. Finnerty at Dr. Finnerty is available to write Nexus Letters and/or Independent Medical Opinions for Veterans. Learn more about him at is a website operated exclusively by psychologist Todd Finnerty, Psy.D.; the only person who writes nexus letters at is Dr. Finnerty. As a service to help you find a nexus letter there are also links to other professionals on this website (including to physicians). These are to assist you in case you need to find someone other than Dr. Finnerty (ex: for an issue that Dr. Finnerty doesn’t specialize in). does not contract to have outside professionals do any of the work; the only person writing nexus letters at is Dr. Finnerty. If you are looking for a nexus letter for a medical condition that you need a physician for you should click on the provided links on this site for a nexus letter from a physician. You may also want to pursue a different psychologist or psychiatrist if you need a DBQ or examination for a psychological condition as Dr. Finnerty is focusing on nexus letters for secondary conditions via medical records reviews and likely won’t resume scheduling additional examination appointments until some time in 2022. However, he has availability for records reviews.

Sometimes Dr. Finnerty also provides nexus letters through other unrelated third party companies- however he charges those companies the same amount as he does through this website. At you get to work with Dr. Finnerty directly (and you don’t pay a middleman markup). Dr. Finnerty does not offer discounted rates for nexus letters elsewhere.

Typical nexus letter topics Dr. Finnerty will address:

Dr. Finnerty specializes in nexus letters for secondary conditions that involve psychological concerns. This includes service connection for secondary conditions such as sleep apnea secondary to PTSD. Dr. Finnerty is particularly interested in working with sleep apnea secondary to PTSD claims and has researched the issue thoroughly. You can find more examples of things Dr. Finnerty can help with here:

How do you get a nexus letter from Dr. Finnerty? Follow this link for a quick overview of How it works:

Would you like a free, brief case consultation to see if Dr. Finnerty will accept your case? You can call Dr. Finnerty directly on his cell phone (330)495-8809, email or complete the secure form found here: Get a Free Consultation


The Value of working with Dr. Finnerty:

  • No one can guarantee the outcome of your claim. However, if Dr. Finnerty writes a nexus letter opinion or DBQ for your claim and your claim is denied, Dr. Finnerty will still stand with you. Dr. Finnerty stands by his opinions. If you get denied Dr. Finnerty wants you to send him the rating decision (and any other relevant evidence you can get such as the C&P exam the denial was likely based on) so that he can review it and write a response to the decision for free. Dr. Finnerty will write you a response to the decision for free. Dr. Finnerty also wants to review denial decisions so that he can keep track of any arguments that C&P examiners/raters are using so that he can address those arguments in future nexus letters. Dr. Finnerty’s nexus letters evolve and develop over time and address many of the common denial-related arguments that C&P examiners make.
  • If you’ve obtained a service from Dr. Finnerty before such as a nexus letter for a different issue or a DBQ, Dr. Finnerty will happily give you a discount on future services– just remind him you’ve used him before when reaching out again. Dr. Finnerty appreciates your loyalty to his services.
  • Dr. Finnerty has years of experience on multiple different types of disability claims. He also was once a contract examiner with VES and QTC doing C&P’s (DBQ’s) for the VA , however, now he does DBQ’s for Veterans.
  • Dr. Finnerty offers reasonable prices. Working with a specialized psychologist isn’t cheap, but if you shop around you’ll find that Dr. Finnerty’s prices are very competitive. The cost of working with Dr. Finnerty is also much less than the true lifetime value of the monthly cashflow from your claim if it is successful.
  • You get to work directly with Dr. Finnerty and not through an intermediary. Dr. Finnerty gives you his cell phone number and his email address [which incidentally, are (330)495-8809 and]. Though please be aware that it will take much longer for Dr. Finnerty to get back to you by phone than it would take him via e-mail due to the nature of his schedule.

How long will it take to get your nexus letter?

For nexus letters based on records reviews, Dr. Finnerty completes them on a first-come-first-served basis in date order based on when you made the payment. When you make a payment you reserve your place in line on the list Dr. Finnerty will work down in date order (you can supply your records at any time after- your place in line will be held). At times, depending on how many people are scheduled before you and how busy he is, Dr. Finnerty may take 3 to 4 weeks to get to your letter. If you have a deadline coming up please let him know and he will do his best to meet it. Dr. Finnerty is in the process of reducing the number of examinations he provides in order to be able to get nexus letters based on exams back faster than 3 to 4 weeks. Dr. Finnerty expects that after October he will be able to get nexus letters based on records reviews back to people much faster than 3 to 4 weeks as he will have fewer examinations scheduled at that time.

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Contacting Dr. Finnerty

Dr. Finnerty’s cell phone is (330)495-8809, however his time for making and returning phone calls is limited so email messages or contact form submissions are preferred. Dr. Finnerty answers the cell phone himself and it may take time for him to get back to you due to his schedule. He often returns emails early in the morning, in the evening and during the day in the few minutes he may have between appointments when he likely wouldn’t have time for a phone call. You likely will get a response faster from Dr. Finnerty by sending an email or completing the free consultation form.


Alternative email:

Advisory: Sometimes Dr. Finnerty’s emails have been ending up in the spam folder so if you’re expecting an email from him you might want to check the spam folder now and then; thanks.

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Sleep Apnea Secondary to PTSD

You can get a nexus letter from Dr. Finnerty for sleep apnea secondary to PTSD for just $600. Learn more about sleep apnea secondary to PTSD, including links to relevant research articles, by going here: